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Pulpit Supply

Whereas each church is autonomous and reserves the right to ask anyone to come and preach, the Greenup Baptist Association feels it is important that the supply preachers we endorse have met necessary qualifications.  As such, men who desire to be listed by the Greenup Baptist Association as available for pulpit supply must comply with the following:



  1. Be a member in good standing of a Southern Baptist church, of which is in good standing with the Southern Baptist Convention, its state association and local association.  

  2. Complete the attached application and questionnaire.

  3. Submit a written recommendation from the pastor, sending pastor, or chairman of deacons from the church he is actively attending.  This requirement is for men serving in churches inside and outside of the Greenup Baptist Association, as well as retired or former pastors and staff of the same.   


  1. Interim/Supply Preacher applications will be reviewed by the Association Mission Strategist and the Credentials Committee.  The individual will receive notification once approved.  

  2. It is the responsibility of the Interim/Supply Preacher to notify the Association office if his availability status has changed.

  3. If the Interim/Supply Preacher submits a resume or becomes a candidate for a church in the Association, he shall notify the AMS.

  4. Approved Interim/Supply Preacher’s will remain on the approved list for the year in which they apply.  At the beginning of the year, Interim/Supply Minister’s will be contacted and asked to update their status.

  5. If an Interim/Supply Minister is not accepted to the Interim/Supply Minister list, or once approved becomes ineligible to serve, he will be notified by the Credentials Committee of his status in writing.    



To submit an application for Pulpit Supply, please click here.    

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