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Monthly Update

JUNE 2024



June brings about many exciting opportunities, especially for churches.  First, there’s Vacation Bible School.  VBS is the most effective outreach program that churches can offer to children and their families.  According to LifeWay, VBS accounts for 25% of a church’s baptisms each year.   If your church has VBS scheduled, please share the dates with me by posting on the GBA Facebook page, or you can email me at so our sister churches can be praying with and for you!  If you are not planning to have a VBS, please consider a couple of options.  First, connect with a sister church that is having VBS and partner together.  And second, consider investing in Crossings Day Camp (July 1-5, FBC Cannonsburg).  For $25 per child, you send your kids to a full week of camp.  For more information and to register visit  


June is also exciting because of the SBC Annual Meeting.  This year, the SBC gathers in Indianapolis on June 10 for the Pastor’s Conference and June 11-12 for the Annual Meeting. The events will also be live streamed on  There are a couple of things on the agenda that you should be aware of.  


First, is the “Law Amendment” that aims to change the SBC Constitution and Bylaws to reflect that cooperating churches in the SBC are defined as those that affirm, appoints, or employs only men as any kind of pastor or elder as qualified by Scripture. There are healthy and helpful conversations on both sides of the argument.  I encourage you to read the articles that are linked on the GBA Facebook page.  Second, there will be recommendations from two study groups.  The Cooperation Group will present recommendations to be considered by the SBC Executive Committee related to what defines a church in “friendly cooperation”.  Also, the Great Commission Resurgence Evaluation Task Force will make recommendations stemming from their review of the initiatives passed at the 2010 Annual Meeting.  Information regarding these issues will also be on the GBA Facebook page.  


So, summer is here, and things are heating up!  Please be in prayer for all the VBS’ around the Association and the SBC Annual meeting.  


Gratefully yours, Biran



SBC PASTORS CONFERENCE Monday, June 10 and 2024 ANNUAL MEETING, Tuesday, June 11 and Wednesday, June 12, Indianapolis, Indiana.


CROSSINGS DAY CAMP is July 1-5 at FBC Cannonsburg.  

Go to for more information and to register your children!



The Greenup Baptist Association gathers twice a year to celebrate God’s faithfulness in our churches, cast vision and discuss business.  These meetings are the Executive Board (Spring) and Annual Meeting (Fall).


The 183rd ANNUAL MEETING is scheduled for Monday, November 4, at Unity Baptist Church.  Details regarding exact times and speakers will be forthcoming.  


THE STRATEGY TEAM will meet on Thursday, June 20th.  



To submit information to be shared, please email 

You can also call 606.327.0077 or text 606.899.1226

FBC CANNONSBURG is seeking a part time Minister of Music capable of leading a blended type worship, and leading a choir. For more information call the church at 606.928.8582


LIBERTY BAPTIST is seeking the following bi-vocational positions:  Pastor, Youth Leader and Music Minister.  For more information, please contact Ken Osbourne at 606-483-2801.


FBC RUSSELL is prayerfully seeking a full-time Worship Pastor. Please email inquiries and resumes to or mail them to the church office: FBC Russell, Attn: Pastor Ken Gowin, 901 Ashland Drive, P.O. Box U, Russell, KY 41169

Churches without pastors: FBC Grayson, Liberty, Burnaugh, Crane Creek, Barrett’s Creek.




The Greenup Baptist Association exists as a fellowship of cooperating churches whose purpose is to assist each of its member churches in extending God’s Kingdom on earth by winning the lost, developing believers, and strengthening missions. Our vision is to be a network of missional partners who cooperate strategically toward God’s preferred future for kingdom growth. To accomplish this, we endeavor to revitalize, mobilize, and multiply New Testament churches in Northeastern Kentucky and the world.


  • Blackburn Avenue (Pastor: Mike Skaggs)

  • Burnaugh (Pastor: VACANT)

  • Central (Pastor: Pete Baker)

  • Chadwick's Creek (Pastor: Chuck McCormick)

  • Christ Covenant (Pastor: Joey Carroll)

  • Fairview (Pastor: Michael York)

  • Faith (Pastor: Gary Newman)

  • FBC Cannonsburg (Pastor: Lee Jackson)

  • Garner (Pastor: Bob Quillen)

  • Hay Esperanza  (Pastor: Henry Garcia)

  • Hyland Heights (Pastor: Jeff Ferguson)

  • Liberty (Pastor: VACANT)

  • New Hope (Pastor: Stanley McDonald)

  • Oakland Avenue (Pastor: Mike Blankenship)

  • Rose Hill (Pastor: Matt Shamblin)

  • Second Baptist (Pastor: Rock Dearfield)

  • Summit (Pastor: Kevin Meenach)

  • Unity (Pastor: Heath Bauer)

  • Wayside (Pastor: John Holbrook)

  • Wildwood (Pastor: Tom Leach)


  • Crane Creek (Pastor: VACANT)

  • Danleyton (Pastor: Jim Forrest)

  • Fellowship (Pastor: Warren Kelly)

  • Greenup FBC (Pastor: Tom Melvin)

  • Flatwoods FBC (Pastor: Jim Nichols)

  • FBC Russell (Pastor Ken Gowin)

  • Grace (Pastor: Marvin Boggs)

  • Lifesong (Pastor: Keith Menshouse)

  • Lloyd FBC (Pastor: Russ Foster)

  • Kenwood (Pastor: Dallas Sutton, Jr.)

  • New Life Bible Church (Pastor: David Nees)

  • South Shore FBC (Pastor: Mark Lilly)

  • Wurtland (Pastor: J.R. Gullett)


  • Barrett's Creek (Pastor: VACANT)

  • Everman (Pastor Gordon Burgess)

  • Grayson FBC (Pastor: VACANT)

  • Kirk Memorial (Pastor: Ely Sagansay)

  • Olive Hill FBC (Pastor: Eddie Barker)

  • Rush (Pastor: Jerry Foster)

  • Willard (Pastor: Steve GIlreath)

  • Wilson Creek (Pastor Joed Rice)

  • Wolf Creek (Pastor: Danny Adkins)


  • Louisa FBC (Pastor: Chuck Price)

  • Richardson (Pastor: Larry Goble)


  • Horton Flats (Pastor: Brian Bush)

  • Sandy Hook FBC (Pastor: Charles Johnson)


Greenup Baptist Association

Physical Office:  409 Bellefonte St

 Russell, KY 41169

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 133, 

Ashland, KY 41105



Dr. Brian R. Horton, AMS 


Find us also on Facebook and X (Twitter)

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