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Kentucky Baptist Convention website.  The Kentucky Baptist Convention is an excellent resource for information on Pastor Search/Transitions, Financial, Student Ministry, Men's/Women's Ministries, Worship and more.

Alliance for Defending Freedom.  ADF provides legal counsel to churches and Christian organizations committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, marriage and family, and parental rights.

Sexual Abuse Prevention.  The Southern Baptist Convention has taken great strides in addressing the problem of sexual abuse over the last two years.  This link will assist churches in reporting and receiving guidance in the event of such an offense as well as provide training resources for your members.   

Ministry Safe.  Ministry Safe is dedicated to equipping churches to educate their leaders (paid and volunteer) in the prevention of sexual abuse.

Brotherhood Mutual.  Brotherhood Mutual is an insurance agency that specializes in churches and other ministries.  On their website is many excellent resources for risk management.  

Church Tax and Law.  A ministry of Christianity Today, founded by the late Billy Graham, Church Tax and Law provides resources to churches and ministries in the areas of tax liability, clergy income, and other legal matters.

Parliamentary Procedures.  Most churches do not understand the basics of how to conduct business meetings properly in order to assure every voice has an opportunity to be heard and decisions are made in a fair and balanced manner.   The National Association of Parliamentarians provides easy to understand resources that are applicable to churches.  

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